Dumber than Zane Trivia happens every Thursday morning on the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning show.  Co host Eric Zane won again this morning for the 13th time in a row. Next week it's your chance to win $5,600!

Photo courtesy FB&HW

I'm quite sure that no other radio show is giving away that much money now or anytime soon.

It will pay to listen next Thursday morning around 8:30am and attempt to beat Eric Zane at trivia.   If you do beat him and he is tough, you will have a check written out to you for $5600.

What could you buy with $5600?  After googling "what to buy for $5600" I found some quite interesting things.

-2004 Honda Civic with 77,000 miles on it.
-Male breast reduction procedure.
-Silicon breast enhancements.
-A v.i.p. package to Las Vegas with money left over to gamble with.
-Hair restoration services.
-Flight training school.
- An air conditioner system for your house.
-A trip to mount Kilimanjaro.
-A trip to India.
-Tattoo school.
-A kick ass gaming system.
-A snow plow.
-An engagement ring in 2006 - of course prices are higher today.

For those of you who listen to the show know I could get an awesome deal on coke with $5600!

Those are just some of the things that you could buy for $5600.  However you break it down it's a lot of cash.  Get ready Zane, the listeners are coming for you next Thursday morning at 8:30am!

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