Eric Zane from the Free Beer & Hot Wings show, takes on listeners in useless trivia knowledge every Thursday morning outwitting them most of the time and today was no different.

Dumber than Zane Trivia, is your chance to match against Eric Zane to win cash.  The first contestant to answer 5 correct trivia questions wins.  There's suspense, stealing and of course strategy involved.  If Zane wins and he usually does, the cash prize goes up $400 weekly.  Currently the cash prize is worth $1600, which means Zane has won the last four weeks in a row!  

This morning listener Mike had the chance to grab $1200 after Zane blew the question when answering "What part of the body must cross the finish line first to win the 100 meter dash"?  by giving the answer "head".  Mike comes back quickly with "hand".  Hello!!??  Everytime you see a 100 meter dash, runners hit the finish line with their chest!  If Mike knew he would have gone up 4-3 with the chance to win on the next question  "Whos pictured on the 1958 baseball card that Bob Costa carries in his wallet"? Mike assurely said "Mickey Mantle".  It would have been over AND Mike $1200 richer! 

In reality the game WAS over at that point for Mike -  a few more questions were tossed back and forth with no answers when sudden death "dumb off" had to be initiated.   Zane who was by no means on top of his game this week, took advantage and quickly answered two questions making Mike the loser.

So its $1600 next week for Dumber Than Zane trivia.  If you think you can topple the king, be listening next Thursday around 8:30am and please beat Zane!