With the rapture apparently on it's way at some point today there are a few things that your going to want to take care of before it all goes to hell, literally.At 6pm today a gigantic earthquake is suppose to hit the pacific rim and rip our beloved earth apart.  That of course according to crazy preacher Harold Camping.  There is no other proof besides his guarantee that says that this will actually take place.  Man if it does go down this guy will never let any of us live it down.

So with the rapture upon us and doom swirling all around there are probably a few things that your going to want to take care of.  That's why I am here.  I want to get you prepared so you can either proceed onto heaven or remain on earth for the giant hell fest.  So take out your pen and jot these helpful hints down!

1. Catch up on all your DVR programming

The last thing that you are going to want to do is miss all the shows you have been waiting to catch up on.  I guess it doesn't matter that they canceled most of my favorite shows now.  So pop on the TV and cross your fingers that you don't run into any cliff hangers!

2. Return all your library books.

Even though we heading into the apocalypse the last thing you are going to want on your mind is whether or not you returned those.  You can bet that even if hell fire is shooting up from every corner of the earth they are still going to rack up those fees!

3. Gas up your vehicle

One thing that your not going to want to be short on is fuel.  When the four horsemen of the apocalypse are on your ass the last thing you want to see is that gas light pop on.  So fill up the tank before it starts raining fire because  that's a whole other safety issue to begin with.

4. Take a nap

Make sure you have plenty of energy.  The only thing worse than a demon army trying to drag you down to hell would be being sleepy while doing it.  So take a quick nap that way you'll have all the energy you'll need to fight of satan's army of darkness.

5. Rock out to Q103

Your official soundtrack to the rapture!  So tune into Q103 before all hell breaks loose, but lets be honest we will all probably be here after it anyway.  Don't forget you can stream us online or just crank up the signal at 103.5fm and 103.9fm.  We will be there with you through it all!

With all this being said I totally call shenanigans on the whole thing.  This Harold Camping guy has been wrong before, so what makes him think he is right now?  I think there is only one person who knows when this whole thing is going to go down and it isn't this dude.  In any case though, if he is right I hope the list gets you prepared!  Happy rapture everyone!