We all know people who when drunk turn in to the "I love you man"or the "I'm drunk so let's fight" person or even that person who will sleep with anything that moves. Well it turns out that our brain chemistry has something to do with how we act when we're drunk.

According to the article "Why Do We Get Emotional When We Drink?" on MentalFloss.com, blood circulation carries alcohol to our brains effecting our cerebral cortex the thin layer of cells that covers our brain. Once alcohol hits the cortex our brain's electrical activity gets all screwed up. Our verbal filter is the first thing to go. This causes some people who are normally shy to come out of their shell and never stop talking. Next, the part of our brain that is in charge of processing sensory information no long functions the way a sober persons would. So we might take something nice that someones says as being mean. Also the main reason why it would be easier to explain the color red to someone blind then it is to explain to someone wasted to that no one called them a name.

So what does this have to do with our personality? Our drunk alter ego is just an exaggerated versions of our sober self. If you are a confrontational person normally your chances of waking up in a jail cell from the bar fight are much greater. If your the happy go lucky person then your Mr. Hyde might be the "I love you man" guy.