As of late I've found myself shopping for an apartment. Frankly, I'm tired of roommates and all that non sense. Naturally, my first stop is the 'Apartments For Rent' section via the Albany area Craigslist page. Boy did I find a stunner! 

Weighing in at $500 bones a month with 6 bedrooms and described as 'cozy' I'm gonna feel like a damn king! I mean come on that's a whole lot of space for a more than reasonable price, plus, it's two clicks from my current roommate ridden abode in Upstate NY's Electric City!! Low cost along with not having to move far? I'm in!


So the neighbordhood might not be the greatest but who cares- I can come in from the outside and shut out the noise and crime as I relax in my 6 bedroom palace!

Plus, my credit is shot and I intend on creating a few more mini-me's so this place is perfect!

My palace awaits!!!!




I know I know- It doesn't look all that great from the outside, but remember what your parents told you as a kid?

'Never judge a book by it's cover'



Look at all that space? Ceiling fan, too? Carpet? This space is perfect for entertaining friends and family. I'm already feeling at home and this is just the living room!



Wall to wall carpet? I can already see my electric bill falling to record lows. This winter is going to be great!!!


Look at all that free space. And you thought your kitchen was big! Pshhhh, this kitchen is going to make cooking during the holidays a breeze! So stoked!!!


It comes with a window and toilet carpet? The previous tenants were definitely in the giving mood! That's one less thing I have to buy!


I'll be honest, I wouldn't bother if I were you. Don't waste your time. I'm happy to say that I've found my 'diamond in the rough' and ain't no one snagging this thang from me. Enjoy your small non 'cozy' apartment. I, my friends, have found my 6 bedroom, wall to wall carpeted oasis. Suck it!