Here in America we have comedy groups like The Lonely Island - You know, the guys who did "D*** In A Box" and "I'm On A Boat". They're a comedy trio who not only performs skits but also create comedy music albums.

Well, over in Norway there is a duo much like The Lonely Island called Ylvis. The duo consist of two brothers and they have recently shot to internet fame with the debut of their new song "The Fox."

The video for the song, seen below, was released last month and has since had over 1 million YouTube views. Why? Just listen to nonsense of the song and within minutes after watching you'll be singing the chorus (trust me).

The song starts out like an old 'The Farmer Says' toy going over what each animal says that they talk about - cows, frogs, chickens, etc. The chorus then ask the almighty question "What Does A Fox Say?"

Not sure we get the answer here but like I said before, the song will be stuck in your head shortly.

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