The Christmas battles continue, and after the Brady's got beat up by the Muppet's it's time to see if Garfield can take out Year Without a Santa Claus.  Vote now!

Rankin & Bass seem to be the kings of the Christmas special. However, I think that Americas favorite fat-cat will give the Heat and Snow Miser a run for their money.   I know a lot of people who won't miss A Year Without a Santa Claus, but the Garfield Christmas special that I grew up with in the late 80's and 90's seems to be hard to find.  That god for YouTube.

Who can forget those songs by Heat Miser and Snow Miser though?  I think i have even heard them as ringtones a few times.  So in the Christmas special battle, who  will take home the crown today?  The lasagne eating machine that is Garfield?  Or Mickey Rooney in his return as Santa?  Vote now to see who continues on in our battle!