This “Yeah Yeah” Marty York Bro is my new hero.  Once a Child Movie actor in 1993 and still living the dream.  I cannot wait till I am just like this guy. You can bet your ass in like 4 years I’m going to be drunk on the street somewhere rocking a V-neck screaming at a camera about how I stood behind Matt Striker once on WWE’s Raw.

“You know who I am? I’m Dalton F#@*%ing Castle I’m a TV star! You Tube me! Do it! I dare you! I use to do radio for Q103 before I got Too F#@*%ing HUGE!!! I’ve been to the TMZ website like 70 times.”

The more I watch this Clip of “Yeah Yeah” Marty York acting like a total douche bro dick, it scares me. This is seriously like looking into my sad future. Well, some might see it as sad but I see it as compelling! I’m stopping by the store for some hair gel on my home tonight to try and speed up the transformation.