So it turns out the the New York Yankees can in fact win at home.  It just turns out they can't be playing the Boston Red Sox.

This weekend went much better for the New York Yankees then the middle of the week did.  They have won 3 in a row since being swept at home by the Boston Red Sox, who have been on quote the tear.  Boston has won 9 in a row and maintains a 2 game lead over the Yankees for first place in the AL East.  Turns out even though the Yankees are winning, they need to beat Boston more than any other team right now.  Or they need other teams to beat Boston.

The Yanks started the series with Cleveland on Friday with an 11-7 win.  Saturday ended with a 4-0 shutout of the Indians and today they were on pace for another shutout but have to settle for a 9-1 win instead.  I know, the agony.  Today alone the Yankees tagged Indians pitching for 18 hits.  2 of those belong to Derek Jeter, who is now within 7 hits of the 3,000 mark he has been working for.

Pitching for the Yankees was also redeemed.  Bartolo Colon threw just over 6 innings of shutout baseball on Saturday before his unfortunate hamstring pull. Freddy Garcia was on pace to do the same but gave up a run in the 7th on Sunday.  After the Boston series, the Yankees were looking for some redemption and they got some this weekend.  The only victim here was Cleveland.

Curtis Granderson remains the man for New York right now.  He has 20 homers which leads the team, and is just one behind league leader Jose Bautista of Toronto.  So the bottom line is, the Yankees need to start playing this tough against Boston.  All these wins will be in vein if they can't take the last series against Boston later on this season.  They finish up their 4 game set with Cleveland tomorrow night before welcoming in the Texas Rangers.