There are a lot of rivalries in professional and collegiate sports.  Sure some get heated, but none of them are as passionate as the rivalry that exists between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

Last night was just more proof that the Yankees and Red Sox have the best rivalry in all of sports.  Both teams pitching staffs dinged up batters on both sides, and at one point the benches cleared.  Things have been known to get really ugly between these two teams this time of the year since they are both inches within winning the division. The Yankees would go on to win last night 5-2. The games last forever, the anger and passion is real and winning is more important than ever.

It is awesome to sit back and watch these games whether you are a fan of the teams or not. Sure other teams have rivalries, but nothing compares to that of the Yanks and Sox.  The only one that I think compares to it is the college football rivalry that exists between Alabama and Auburn.  College basketball has North Carolina and Duke, the NBA has revisited the rivalry between the Lakers and Celtics, but it's not the same as back in the Bird and Magic days.

Throughout the years, the Yankees and the Red Sox have remained as competitive as ever.  It doesn't matter how good the teams are, when they play each other it's kill or be killed.  The passion from the players carries over the fans who carry that with them all year long.  This has been going on for so long that I'm sure some fans have gone to their graves hating the other team.  I know men who are Yankee fans who won't even talk to a woman who is a Red Sox fan and vice versa.  It's that crazy.  This is what makes this rivalry the greatest in all of sports.