It's Spring time, and it's also time for the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox to kick off the next chapter in their great rivalry. 

One thing that is a constant in baseball is the rivalry between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.  No matter how either team is doing in the standings, you can bet that they will put it all out there when they face each other.

Right now the Yankees are sitting in second place in the American League East (one game behind Baltimore) and have a 7-6 record.  They had a big night on Thursday with Curtis Granderson, or the 'Grandyman', went 5-5 with three homers.  Not a bad start to the season for the Bombers, but it could be better.

Boston on the other hand sits in last place in the division, and are 4 games below .500.  For sure not the start that the Bo-Sox, or their fans, would have hoped for.  Plus it looks like the players aren't getting along with new manager, Bobby Valentine.   Valentine has been pretty vocal about how much he dislikes the Yankees, so maybe that will unite them this weekend.

Game one of their series is Friday afternoon at 3p.  As a Yankee fan I have this to say, lets crush the Saux.