Weather permitting, the Yankees will welcome in their cross town rival, The Mets, tonight and start the first subway series of the season.

This is something that I look forward to every single year.  The subway series between the New York Yankees and the New York Mets.  Not as big a rivalry as Yankees - Red Sox but the battle of NYC supremacy is always must see.

I particularly enjoy it because I am a die hard Yankee fan and my brother is a die hard Mets fan.  So some friendly battles go on as well. Obviously the Yankees are the NY team, but Met fans would love to see their boys beat up the guys in the pin stripes.  Both teams are coming off some nice wins.  The Yankees beat up on the Orioles for a 13-2 win last night, and the Mets have shut out the Nationals 2 nights in a row.  I can only hope that the Yankees left soem power in the bats for tonight.

They play at Yankee Stadium starting tonight and you can catch the game on our sister station ESPN radio 104.5 the team.  It should be a pretty good match up.  The Yankees are going with Freddy Garcia on the mound and the Mets will start knuckle baller RA Dickey.  Since inter-league play began the Yanks have won 45 of the 78 games between the two teams. So that number is on the Yanks side.  Can't wait to check out these games, and also pick on my brother a little bit. All in good fun of course.