I love puppies with their velvety fur, wobbly legs and puppy breath! However I hate to write. Damn, looks like I got me one of those catch 22s!  

In September of 2012 in the Albany NY area several new born pit bull puppies were rescued after they were found injured and nailed to the railroad tracks near Pearl Street and Hudson. Thankfully the puppies were discovered and rescued and are now available to you for adoption. The Hudson Humane Society is asking for those who are interested to write a short essay of 300 words or less describing why you are deserving of these puppies and how you can give them a good home. I encourage someone to make a valid effort to take care of these dogs who have been through a lot already

I cannot have a dog in my apartment but if I could this would be my entry. I wouldn’t need 300 words I’d only need 86.

Dear Puppy people,

I should have these puppies because number one, I promise not to abuse them. Second, I once received a gold medal in the world championships of belly rubbing. I promise to keep rope toys, kongs, and milk bones in the house at all times. and if my puppy ever pees in the house I won’t yell at him. Instead I will show him how it is okay and I too will pee on my sofa just to ensure he feels excepted.

Love Dalton!


Send Your essays to by 6pm on November 12th 2012