Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of MTV hitting the airwaves. I had already hit on the fact that the station really isn't the same as it used to be. What are the worst things to ever air on the channel though? There are so many options it's hard to pinpoint it, so I'm probably just skimming the surface here.

There have been so many bad shows from MTV over the years where do you even begin?  I blame the Real World for all the reality crap that has over taken the network, but I don't think that show is one of their worst.  So many more take that honor.  I was looking at the program list of all the shows that they have aired over the years and it really took me back.

Who was in charge of this stuff?  Who came up with the idea for shows like Made and True Life?  I have been known to be sucked into Made every now and then, but really it's the same formula over and over.  I want to be something different, but it's hard, I quit, oh wait I'll do it and everyone claps, Yay! At any rate MTV has given birth to some of the worst shows in television history.  You could probably dedicate a whole network just to that.

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    Laguna Beach

    The show that started all of the fake reality crap that over took MTV in recent years. Laguna Beach started when I was in high school and I'm pretty sure everyone was watching it, even I'm guilty of turning it on a time or two.  It gave birth to other annoying shows like The Hills and The City and even gave birth to some pretty bad acting careers.  The only thing I think it had going for it was hot chicks.  I suppose the guys were some nice eye candy for the ladies too.  If you just put your TV on mute it's almost watchable, but seriously it's nothing but drama, staring at each other and views of the California coast.  Barf.

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    16 and Pregnant

    This show is totally unwatchable.  Bratty white trash kids making bad life decisions.  I know it's suppose to show how hard the process of being a pregnant teenager is, but really I think it just shows how stupid some of these people are.  I think MTV sort of glorified getting pregnant at an early age.  Most of the people from this show ended up a complete wreck afterwards, unless they landed on the spin off Teen Mom.

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    Yo Momma

    What a giant pile of turd. Can you believe this show lasted for 3 seasons? That is a lot of momma jokes. Lets not forget it was hosted by the always lame Wilmer Valderrama, who is nothing if he's not playing a foreigner on That 70's Show. Just a bunch of guys insulting each other while people stand around cheering them on.  I feel like this sort of thing was frowned upon in most places, but not on MTV.

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    Possibly the worst dating show ever.  For those of you who don't remember this crap, it was a person going on a date, but if they were unhappy with their current date they could simply say "Next" and poof, a new date would appear.  The daters and the dates on this show may be the most untalented shallow people in the world.  It's almost painful to watch.  No wait, it is painful to watch.

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    Jersey Shore

    It hasn't been around for very long, but I don't know if their is another show that people hate more. They don't just hate the show, they hate the people who are on the show too. I will admit, I watch it, but it's like watching a car crash. You can't look away from these walking disasters. I mean, the place that the show is named after doesn't want them back. Now it looks like they are off to Italy for this upcoming season. I would like to say no one will watch, but you know you'll tune in just to see how stupid they are overseas.