Unpaid internships can either be great or the worst thing ever. You can learn your craft with "true" professionals or be chased away from dreams as fast you walking the door.

Radio interns can sometimes be abused via stunts or doing bitch work that no one else wants to do (filing paperwork sucks). An old joke is that you never learn their names because of the turn around on getting new ones.

The Dalkey Archive Press in the UK posted an internship opening back on December 11th and some are calling it "the worst job advertisement ever." There's no vacation time off (or as the Brits call it "holidays"), no pay, and very long list of easy ways to get fired.

If you take personal calls or use the internet for anything other then work - you're out. You can't have "any other commitments (personal or professional) that will interfere with their work at the Press". There's no word on how long the "internship" last, I put quotes around it because I can't really call it an internship for what they are asking.

John O'Brian, who heads the US division for the company, says "the age of irony is dead." Claiming the ad was a tongue-n-cheek way to weed out those not seriously interested in the position.