I want believe this Dhaqabo Ebba guy in Ethiopia who claims to be 160 years old because I know you’re suppose to respect your elders. However, it’s hard for me to believe him because well, he’s old! Old people get senile and say crazy things all the time. Telling someone you are 160 years old is just something old crazy people say. However there are some believers out there.

“Ebba made the statement in a video for Oromiya TV. The reporter was so impressed by his knowledge about local history, that he was convinced that the retired farmer must be 16 decades old.” –HP

Sure he has knowledge of the era in which he claims to have grown up. sure why wouldn't  we believe this guy is 160 years old. I mean there is no other way he could have learned the history if which he speaks, right? There aren't books in Ethiopia are there? No zero books so this guy is older than dirt and that’s that.


Maybe he is as old as he claims. I mean he looks awfully close to the vampire elders in the underworld.