When I win the lottery, this will be the first thing I buy - minus the caviar cuz, let's be honest, who wants fish eggs in their brownie?

Chocolate, champagne, and gold OH MY!  That's what you can expect when (or should I say if?) anyone with deep pockets feels like shelling out $35K for the most sinful midnight snack ever created.  Who is the mad genius behind it all you ask?  A chef/jeweler in Great Britain, that's who. 

A list of the ingredients is as follows:


-Champagne caviar

-Two-karat diamond

-Champagne jelly

-Biscuit joconde (whatever that is)

-Dark chocolate glazed edible gold leaf

-Three different types of potent bitterdark chocolate from around the world

Does wedding cake seem really boring to anyone else at this point?  I want the chocolate with the diamonds in it.