So while America was too busy trying to decide who should lead our country last week, the rest of the world went to battle over a different kind of a pole; The World Pole Dancing Championships that is.

I'll admit, when you say Pole Dancing classes the first I think of is a girl trying to spice things up for her other half. I'm totally down for that, I love me some dancers on a pole from time to time. Heck, in our great state there is a battle over if it's an art form or not. I think this answers that question to the highest degree.

Women from 26 countries descended on Zurich, Switzerland and twisted around the pole on stage to take the title. Russia and the Ukraine came out on top as, what the Huffington Post calls, the sleeping giants of the sport.

I have always associated pole dancing with gentlemen's clubs; that's the only place I really ever saw it until it became a fitness class. But, the "sport" has deep history in China's Touring Circuses. Back then it was more performed by men then women. Glad that changed, however there is a male category in the World Championships. It wasn't until the 1980's that pole dancing migrated into the gentlemen's clubs around the world and thus has entertained billions of men, and women from time to time, since.

For this, I say that it is an art form. Granted the girls are not painting something or are they? Maybe they are painting a picture in the mind of those watching through her moves on the pole. I'll go with that and I know what I am doing tonight, supporting my local artist of the Capitol Region.

Side note: I find it funny that the World Pole Dancing Championship host make sure to state that their event is a  "Sport & Fitness Event". I guess the other version of pole dancing, the one I support, is too sleazy for their taste. Pompous jerks.

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