We may not listen to country music, but that doesn't mean that we can't appreciate the beautiful women who sing it. 

Country music is something we don't really know that much about.  We love some of those country badass' like Johnny Cash or Hank Williams Jr, but other than that, we really don't follow.  Sorry, songs about dogs, trucks and low down cheatin' women doesn't really do it for us.  How ever some of the women involved in the Country industry make our jaws drop.  Do we know what they are singing about?  No.  Do we care?  Hell no.  We just hope their careers head south and they need to get famous again by posing for Playboy.

Taylor Swift

A country music sweetheart.  You could probably even call her one of America's sweethearts.  Everyone loves Taylor Swift, even if they won't admit it.  She has several Country music, MTV and Grammy awards under her belt at 22 years old, she will be doing this for a while.  We only expect her to get even hotter.

Kellie Pickler

How could we not love Kellie Pickler?  That accent is enough to make us start stammering like Colin Firth in 'The Kings Speech'.   We aren't really sure what she sings, but she must look damn good doing it.  An 'American Idol' alum, she would have gotten our vote if we watched that kind of crap.

Sara Evans

We have been crushing on Sara Evans for quite some time now.  She first stole our hearts back in 2000 with her sexy country demeanor.  At 41 years old, she's still got it.  Not just the looks, but the talent as well.  She's a pretty strong woman too, as it's the name of her latest album.  Her husband was terribly abusive, and she finally got the courage to leave him in 2007.  You want us to kick his ass for you Sara?

Shawna Thompson

Shawna Thompson is part of the country duo Thompson Square.   The only thing we have against this hottie is that she's married and her husband is the other part of her group.  Though when he's not looking, we are totally staring at her.  Creepy?  Sure, but you can't really blame us.  Shawna and her husband will be performing at our sister stations big concert, Country Fest this summer.

Jessie James

Jessie James may not have a lot of country music experience yet, but that doesn't matter to us.  This Italian born ball of sexy has our attention if she's just playing a washboard.  They do still play the washboard in country music, right?

Faith Hill

In the 90's we were crushing on Faith Hill hard.  We lost track of her for a little while, but now she's back! We were in the middle of watching Sunday night football and she magically appeared in black leather looking as good as always has.  Despite everyone making fun of that football intro song, we hope it's around forever.

Hillary Scott

Hillary puts the Lady in Lady Antebellum.  This 26 year old from the country music capital has been singing since she was a teenager.  She finally hit it big with Lady Antebellum in 2007, and gained crossover success in 2009 with the massive hit 'Need You Now'.  She even married her husband Chris, who happens to be from the Albany area.

Julianne Hough

Known mainly for her dancing skills - which make our eyes shoot out of our heads like a cartoon wolf - Julianne Hough also dabbled in country music.  She even showed off her line dancing skills in the 'Footloose' reboot.  The only thing we don't like about Julianne is that she's with Ryan Seacrest.  Why?

Carrie Underwood

And then there was Carrie Underwood.  The hottest country superstar right now.  The best part is, she's not afraid to show off. The winner of 'American Idol' season four, she has exploded over the last few years.  Not just sexy, but also adorable.  She's so tiny, how does that big voice fit inside there?  One of life's great mysteries .

If you want to check out some more country music hotties, then you have to get to Countryfest 2012.   You can get your tickets now and then you can stare at Thompson Square's Shawna Thompson all you want.  We'll be there.