Look, I don’t like umbrellas in my face either, but this chick is in straight-up "drunk and don’t give an F" mode.

Being a non-smoker I have really enjoyed the new laws preventing people from smoking in public places such as restaurants, parks, and the subway. However, I don’t think if I saw someone breaking the law I would care as much to poke them in the face with an umbrella. This old man is like the Penguin taking charge on the train.

I’m not positive how I would react today if some ass started smoking in a restaurant I was in, or on the train next to me. Back in college I recall saying something to people and getting them to stop but now I just don’t seem to care as much. This attitude seems silly because I’m much bigger now and more capable of solving a conflict, however I just don’t seem to care. I suppose that comes with age, and your priorities change.