Are you happy lady? You went and snooped around the attic and now you ruined your Christmas gift surprise.

“A single mother of five children in Rock Hill, never considered reuniting with the 44-year-old man she broke up with more than 12 years ago, despite claims of a new lifestyle and other “jailhouse talk” he penned in letters to her from prison…She heard strange noises and noticed insulation falling from the ceiling. Her older sons went to investigate but couldn’t find anything. Her nephew walked to the far end of the attic, passing over a jungle of heating and cooling ducts, boxes, photo albums, toys, cassettes and a “timeline” of memories to find a man sleeping inside a heating unit.”

How can anyone think this is scary? It’s creepy and a little weird, but this lady really should count her blessings here. She is so lucky that it was a man in the attic and not some wild animal. At least convicts have the decency to use a cup as a toilet. An animal wouldn't be so polite. An animal would drop love nuggets all over that place and destroy your isolation.