According to a recent study, Men expect sex after the third date while most women won't put out until the fifth date. That seems to work in favor of one New York woman who would go out on dates with guys just to get free meals.

The woman who is called the "Dinner Whore" Brittney Pierre signed up for the dating site OKCupid, she also used Craigslist, to meet men and go out to dinner with those guys. She claims to have gone on at least three dinner dates a week!

Brittney, who blogs for various websites, recently made the confession in a piece about her exploits. It all started when she arrived in NYC two years ago as a broke college student. Her friend convinced her to get into the dating scene via dating sites.

Soon she was not dating men she actually liked, rather guys willing to foot the whole night's bill each time. Brittney would pick out guys that were willing to take her out to a restaurant of her choice; "I just had to go full throttle and just see who was willing to take me out, a meal is a meal!" she proclaimed in her blog.

She went out on roughly 60 dates and talked to nearly 100 men during her operation. She finally closed up shop and confessed the whole thing to her friends. Her female friends praised her (of course), while her male friends berated her for such a sham. In fact, one of her bosses called her a "low rate prostitute".

Brittney, go figure, has no regrets about her actions: "Looking back, I truly didn't see the harm in my actions. I met a wide variety of men and honed my acting and interviewing skills while chowing down on some awesome steak dinners." she closed out her piece with.

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