Usually we hear stories of drug smuggling in various "private parts" of ones body to get across boarders or in to jails. And with most cases, they get busted.

A woman in Spain fell victim to such a circumstance when she was stopped at the airport by boarder police and they found cocaine in her breast implants.

The unidentified woman was trying to pass through security at the Barcelona airport. Boarder police stopped the woman when they saw blood seeping through her shirt from what appeared to be a fresh scar.

Upon further inspection, police found bloody gauze under the woman's shirt where she just had breast implant surgery. The woman seemed a bit uneasy and police suspected something else was up.

They had the woman taken to a local hospital to have the implants removed and bam, they were filled with 3 pounds of cocaine.

Good try by the woman and the dealer but next time, you might want to wait for her to go through customs until after she heals just a bit.