When it comes to drinking and driving, there is one simple solution - DON'T. And if ever you find yourself behind the wheel while over the limit, don't try what one Beverly, Mass woman did to avoid being busted.

The 24-year-old woman, who was identity was not revealed, claimed she was abducted from her apartment by two men wearing mask. The men then left her in her trunk on Route 128. Two passer motorist noticed discovered the woman upon in investigating what they thought was a vehicle accident.

The victim was locked in the hatchback of her car and one of the motorist smashed the window to get her out. She was taken to a local hospital but refused treatment.

Throughout the interview process, the woman's story began to crack and she finally revealed she made the whole thing up. She claimed she made up the story to avoid being arrested for DUI. Though it is not clear how if the car was actually in an accident at the scene or if the woman pulled over to the grassy area.

She will be charged with filing a false police report.