What did you do for New Year's Eve? Go to a bar? Hang with friends at a party? Stay home? What about spending the evening in a supermarket because you got locked in? A 73-year-old woman France did just that.

While shopping, the woman became ill and proceeded to the bathroom. She must have been really sick because when she finally was done and returned to her shopping, the store had shut down for the day.

She was locked in for the entire night. She wondered the store trying to see if she could alert someone of her being there. She eventually made her home in the staff office as the ball dropped. (My question - she didn't have a cell phone and there were no phones in the building she could have used?)

Staff arrived the next morning at 8am to find the woman safe and sound. She didn't even take anything from the store during the night for food or drink. She was taken to a local hospital just to be sure.