My fellow men - if ever you either pick a fight or find yourself in a fight with your girl while drunk, just shut up and walk away. In my 29 years of life, nothing good has ever come from a drunken argument with your lady friend.

A man just outside of Chicago found this out the hard way and was ran over by his girlfriend. Think that's bad? He also had to have surgery due to burns caused by the tires of the car. In fact, the skin of his scrotum was burned off in the process!

Christine Meyers picked her boyfriend up from a local bar in Tinley Park, IL because he was too drunk to drive. As I'm sure this didn't sit too well with her, the two began to fight on the way home.

The boyfriend, who remains nameless, thought to it be brilliant to lay in front of car in the driveway - I'm assuming to keep Christine from leaving. Christine wasn't having any of it and moved the car forward towards him. He didn't move and that's when Christine allegedly purposely drove over him causing the "burns." I question the speed of the tires to cause "burns" to the extent she did. Did she burnout on him?

Meyers was held on $100,000 bond and charged with felony aggravated domestic battery. The boyfriend? He received care for the burns on his back, chest, and scrotum. No word if he is going to take her back or if he will stop drinking.