Jamie Sniffen should have used that option that allows you to lock your phone so you don't pocket dial someone - Because that could have saved her a lot trouble.

On Monday, She was at her "lover's" house when she pocket dialed her live-in boyfriend and that's when things got a little crazy.

Almost direct from an episode of Jerry Springer - Jamie was at her lover's house in Cortlant on Monday. Jamie sneaked out of her boyfriend's, Allen Slavin, place after he fell asleep, grabbed a cab, and went to visit her other interest Lawrence Graff.

After arriving at Lawrence's house, Jamie sat on her phone and pocket dialed Allen. Allen could hear their conversation and became enraged. After hours of trying to track down where his girlfriend was, Allen took a a cab to Lawrence's house and was finally allowed to enter the home after Jamie opened the door.

Jamie would then fess up about everything while Lawrence denied it all. Both men then began to argue and  Lawrence's dog got in to the mix, trying to attack Allen. That prompted Allen to grab a knife and pellet gun for protection.

Lawrence would go after Allen with a 3 foot tall speaker, this resulted in Allen stabbing then pistol whipping Lawrence.

Oh, it gets better. Allen would then dispose of the gun in the woods behind the home and leave with Jamie - How cleaned up the blood in the house. The two washed their wounds off in a nearby gas station, which meant Lawrence was at the house bleeding.

Police arrive at Lawrence's house, sending him to hospital for treatment. The love birds were found at their home a short time later. Allen was arrested for second-degree assault and was placed under $5,000 bail. Jamie was charged with "misdemeanor hindering prosecution" because she tried to clean up the crime scene.

Jamie defends her boyfriends action claiming they were in self-defense and that her other love interest, Larry, had a lot of nerve pressing charges.