Some people like to end their day by cracking open a cold one, or perhaps hitting the gym. However Jackie Samuel wants you to end your day with a good cuddle.

Would you pay someone to professionally cuddle with you? One Western New York woman thinks there is a market for this sort of thing.  Jackie Samuel has started a new website, The Snuggery,  where she offers her professional cuddle services to whoever needs a good snuggle.

We know what your thinking, and no, she does not offer sex -perverts. As a matter of fact, her mission statement is that America lacks nonsexual touching, and that's what she wants to help everyone get that back.

For just $60 an hour, you can have Jackie come right to you. You'll both put on your PJs and let the cuddle session begin. While there will be no sexual contact, she says sexual arousal is just fine.

The Free Beer and Hot Wings show did an exclusive interview with Jackie on Monday morning. They asked her all the important questions, like what if a boner hits you in the back, and does this sort of thing ever lead to a back door entry.

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