What is Suboxone? Well, Suboxone is a barbiturate/narcotic pain killer used to treat opiate addiction. Essentially, it reverses the effects of a narcotic (herion, painkillers, anything narcotic) helping those who are hooked break the habit. Unfortunately, like any other drug, you're not supposed to mail it to your boyfriend who happens to be locked up. Whoa, wha wha what?

Yeah, this chick from Rome decided she was going to help out her old-man and mail him a Suboxone as he sits in the Albany County Jail. One thing though: and forgive me for bringing this up, but hey: Are you slow or just high? Seriously?

36 yr-old Shannon Formikell (slow/high girlfriend in question) admitted to cops that she attempted to hide the little pill of love behind a stamp posted on a letter sent to the jail, meant for her bf.

Criminal sale of a controlled substance

Promoting prison contraband


Boom!!! All done all done? Yes she is: Our thoughtful girlfriend from Rome is currently hanging in the same spot as her man, you know, cause most of us can't come up with 10 grand. Bail money is a bitch isn't it?

Maybe our friend from Rome watched one or two episodes of Locked Up on MSNBC? Hold on, or maybe she didn't watch enough? None the less, she's screwed. Note for all you kiddies: