Letting go can be the hardest thing to do when a family member passes. That is unless you keep the body and have your children feed it. That's what authorities in Moscow, Russia are saying a women, with five children, did from 2009 to the summer of this year.

The woman, who mind you has a psychiatric record, was so distraught after her husband's death that she believed "he was bound to resurrect."

During the course of the body's stay at the house, the unidentified woman had her children feed and talk to the body. She kept dear ol' hubby in a bedroom of the apartment they lived in after his death until the summer of this year.

The family moved to new a apartment and two of the children, apparently sick of feed dead Daddy, disposed of the body in a dumpster. The body was found and an investigation was conducted. The woman now faces several charges. No word on her plea in the case.