It happens to all of us; you get on the highway/freeway, pull in to the left lane to go faster than those in the other lanes and you come across someone going slower than the speed limit.

Justice may have finally been served with this injustice of the road. A woman in Maryland was driving down Interstate 95 when she was pulled over and ticketed, as she put it, "for not speeding."

The officer sighted the woman for failure to move to the right. According to the citation,  she was driving 63 mph in 65 zone, stating "Failure of driver, driving below speed limit, 63 in a 65, to keep right."

The woman claims to be "shocked" by the whole thing and thought "you got to be kidding me." The ticket may not hold up in court though. Sgt. Rob Moroney told News4 "You can drive in the left lane in Maryland as long as you are doing the speed limit, or not impeding by going 10 mph under the speed limit."

The unidentified woman said she slowed down to 63 mph due to high winds which were guesting up to 40 mph.

In any case, this just proves a point - the left lane is for passing and those potentially going faster than the speed limit.  If you are not going to follow those guidelines, get over to the slower lane(s). Simple right? Yet some people don't comprehend that fact or "rule of the road."

I can't stand "lane stayers," as they are called in my former home of North Carolina. If you are sight seeing, get over. If you are not going a little faster than the posted speed limit, get over.

I applaud this officer for sighting the woman and letting her know that the left lane, by law or not, is for passing the slower drivers who might be doing the posted speed limit or driving under it.

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