A New Jersey woman lost her job at a New York City lingerie shop because she was too busty for the store.  How does that work?

The woman above is Lauren Odes, and she is too sexy for her job.  Literally.  At least according to her former employer she is.  Odes worked for Native Intimates in Manhattan in NYC.  Her boss felt she was a little too gifted in the chest area and asked her to 'tape her breasts down'.  Obviously she felt they had crossed the line, and she was fired.

Odes is a very attractive woman who was working for a lingerie shop.  Her bosses should have been proud to parade her around.  It would have brought in potential male customers to take something sexy home to their ladies.  Or maybe for themselves, who are we to judge.

Bottom line, an employer shouldn't be allowed to do something like this.  It sounds a little bit like she was being discriminated.  In the video below, Odes shows the outfit she was wearing it didn't cross any line, especially one where she is working at a lingerie shop.