OUCH!! Just the headline makes me squirm, but a British woman named Maria Topp faces prison time after she bit her boyfriends testicles causing him to be disoriented, bloody and in need of 18 stitches.  The unlucky guy, her boyfriend at the time is also a disc jockey.  Attention DJ's:  be careful who you might pick up off the request lines - or you could be spending the night in a hospital with 18 stitches on your private area.

According to the BBC and The Sun;  Maria Topp, a mother of four and her boyfriend Martine Douglas were in a rocky on and off again relationship over the past 5 years.  One night this past February, after a night of heavy drinking, they got together for some hanky-panky.  One thing led to another and the next thing he is on top of her, when she took a bite!

Even though Maria has admitted the nauseating act, she has trouble remembering the actual incident.

Sentencing will be November 11th, she might have bit off more than she can chew!