You see the strangest things on the side of a highway sometimes.  Imagine traveling down Highway 484 near interstate 75 in Florida when you see a woman masturbating and having sexual relations with herself for all the passing motorists to see.   That's what 35 year old Ashley Horton of Alabama did, she was celebrating National Masturbation Month and was hit with a $16,250 fine.

For more than a half hour, Ashley put on quite the show on the side of Highway 484.  Cars were making illegal u-turns to get the best view.

When police finally showed up on the scene, the only item of clothing Ashley was wearing was a pink shirt.  Investigators say Holton continued to expose herself  while and after being arrested.

She was booked in Marion County Jail, charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct and exposure of sexual organs. Her bond has been set at $16,250.  - hey when you have the urge, you need to take care of business!