"Lisa" recently appeared on TLC's "My Strange Addiction" to talk about her strange addiction of eating her cat's hair. She even grooms her cat with her tongue so she can get the hair - and here you thought you had a strange family.

She gathers the cat hair from around her apartment. And yes - this includes off the floor and back of the sofa. She licks her cat like a "mama cat would" but doesn't do the whole body clean (thankfully).

"Lisa" claims this to be a way for her and the cat to bond. She also says that chewing on the hair is relaxing as it reminds her of eating cotton candy.

'I'll kind of break it apart and then just put it in my mouth. I'll chew it up a little bit and then take it out and maybe mess with it a little bit and then put it back in," she says

"Lisa" usually chews on the hair every two hours.

I have cats (make your jokes now) and I can't stand when I somehow manage to get even a piece of their hair in my mouth. This chick eats it for the heck of it. Ewww. If she is in to it that much, should I send her the contents of my vacuum cleaner after running it through the whole house and having enough hair for a small cat to clean out of it?

Can you guess that she is single? I mean I don't know whatever would have given that away.