We all love a sporadic stay at hotels, whether it's for business, visiting family, vacation or just spending the night at one in your area for fun, it's always a nice getaway for a short amount of time. Well, not always. A Wisconsin woman turned a temporary hotel stay into a permanent, nine-year stay and is now being evicted because of it. 

The Racine Marriott in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin has been home to Jana Ganjian since 2004 after she lost her home in foreclosure due to health issues that made it difficult for her to work. She ended up at the Marriott after failing to find a place to rent.

After almost 10 years, Jana has racked up a bill of $29,000 which she cannot pay and is therefore facing eviction from her room.

Jana was reportedly, with the help of disability benefits, paying $89 a day, but received an eviction notice after filing bankruptcy back in August.

She states:

I had no vision of staying for nine and a half years, ...but with no family, no longer with a home, the hotel became home and the staff became family. ...she's disabled by a disease similar to lupus and [says] If I could be working, this wouldn't have happened in the first place.


Jana has been told she must leave the hotel by October 24. It is unknown where she will find solace next.

Watch the news video here.

Would you want to live in a hotel? It might be fun to have 24/7 amenities such as room service and housekeepers, but would it ever feel like home?