I think I am in the majority when I say that the first Transformers movie was okay and the second one was pretty awful, but now Steven Spielberg has stepped in to put that special touch to the third one.

My fingers are crossed that the third time is the charm when it comes to the Transformers film series.  The first one was pretty good but I thought a little to corny at times.  The second one was way too long with too much going on.  Very confusing to follow along.

This summer the third part of the series, Transformers : Dark Side Of The Moon, comes out and as of right now the trailer is making it look pretty damn good.  Michael Bay is still directing it, but some of the original writers from the first two films are not involved in this one.  Plus Megan Fox has been replaced with British Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.  I will miss Fox's eye candy appeal but as far as acting goes it's not like they a losing out.  The funny thing about Whitley is that she has never done a movie before, this will be one heck of a debut.

I think Steven Spielberg has stepped in to save the day on this one.   He is bringing his name to the table once again and I doubt that he would be involved if it wasn't good this time around. He is adding his "Spielberg touch" this time because I think he may have lost faith in Michael Bay, much like the rest of us.  I certainly hope that it is good or I will completely lose faith is the franchise.  So don't go X-Men on me Transformers because I seriously want you to be good.  Check out the latest trailer of the film, which reveals a little bit more about what we can expect come July 1 when Dark Side Of The Moon hits theaters.