There have been rumors flying around about Will Ferreell stepping in to fill the big shoes being left behind by Steve Carell on 'The Office".  Those rumors have been kept pretty quiet until now. 

I am a big fan of 'The Office' and have been for a long time.  When I heard this year that Steve Carell would be leaving the role that turned him into a superstar, I was shocked.  I bunch of questions went through my head. Is this it for the show?  If not, who is going to replace Michael Scott?  Well I think those questions have been answered, at least a little.

Here are some behind the scene looks at Will Ferrell in his new role on the show.  The episode itself will premiere on April 14. The video is cool because it shows a few short clips of the show and the cast talking about working with Ferrell.  I hope things work out for the show and Ferrell because I would like to see it carry on, at least for another season.  Carell and Ferrell are cut from the same comedy stone, so I think fans will  still dig it.