One of the funniest movies in recent years is back!  Will Ferrell's news man creation Ron Burgundy delivered the news personally to Conan O'Brien's audience on Wednesday.

Huge news for all of you 'Anchorman' fans out there. They will be making a sequel to the 2004 comedy, and Ron Burgundy himself broke the news. It had been speculated for a while that they were working on a sequel of some kind, but nothing had come of it, but now we have confirmation.

Of course it wasn't just a regular stop by 'Conan' by Will Ferrell to deliver to good news.  He also brought along his jazz flute, and commented on how great Conan and Andy were doing.  This is great news for Ferrell, who hasn't really been able to recreate the success of the first 'Anchorman' film, despite coming out with several movies recently.