It's the bottom of the fifth inning, two outs, tie score,  man on 3rd - the pitch, a light white ball sails in the direction of the batter.  The batter swings.. a long fly ball, the outfielder has it in his range when suddenly a gust of wind causes the ball to fall to the ground in the double area.. the man on 3rd scores.. game over! 

Q103 is sponsoring The Wiffle Up! Tournament at Knickerbocker Park in Troy on Saturday June 11th.  One, two, 3  and up to 5 players will play games of Wiffle Ball.  The top 2 teams will win cash prizes while the top 4 teams will be invited to the Wiffle Up Finals in New Britain Connecticut - The home of Wiffle Ball.

If you are expecting to see a game like baseball or softball, you will be surprised.  Wiffle Ball is NOT played anything like baseball or softball.   Wiffle ball was designed for use in congested areas. Because the ball will not travel far when solidly hit, ball chasing and base running have been eliminated.

To get an idea of how the game is played, here are the basic rules for the Wiffle Up Tournament:

All teams guaranteed at least 3 games

3-5 players per team

1 pitcher - 2 outfielders

5 inning games

3 outs per inning

The major difference:  No base running - They are imaginary runners,  they take bases based on where the ball drops in play

Up to 5 players can bat

ONE and DONE Rule - If a batter does not swing and pitch hits the strike zone on any one of the first 3 pitches, the batter is out

Unlimited foul balls

4 balls = walk

If a batter works a 3-0 count the One & Done Rule does not apply.

10 run rule in effect after 2 innings.

All extra base hits must land in the air past designated markers.  To get an idea of how the field is set up.

The minimum number of players required to play a game with the Wiffle ball is two – the pitcher and batter – one player per side. The maximum number of players that can complete are ten – five players to a side. If a full team is playing, each side will consist of a catcher, pitcher, double area fielder, triple area fielder and home run area fielder. Fielders cannot move from one area to another when a full team is playing.

To get an idea of what you would see this weekend.  Watch the video.

The Wiffle Up! Tournament is sponsored by Diamond Sports Group, JMX Aluminum Wiffle Bats and Q103.