It's kind of hard to picture yourself in the great outdoors right now without freezing your butt off, but this is a particularly good reason if you are trying to save money while making the trip out to Columbus, Ohio for Rock on the Range in May.

Reason #3: Turn Your Trip Into a Camping Adventure

Hotels can be pretty expensive, and you can end up at a "roach motel" like I did last year. I was terrified and disgusted. So I'm giving you a warning you now. Do not stay at the Columbus Inn and Suites! No matter how helpful you think can be sometimes, it can also screw you over.

There are campgrounds near Columbus, and some you have to drive a bit. Crew Stadium offers a camping package which could be a good deal, but it doesn't allow tents. It also gives you all this other stuff you may not want like a t-shirt and book from the concert.  It may not be the best deal, but it's convenient.

Another campground close by is Tree Haven Campground. It's in Westerville, Ohio, and the price for a tent site per night is $33. That's a pretty good deal, especially if there is a group of you going. Guests are allowed in, and can stay the night if they pay. The campground even offers free Wi-Fi!

Alton RV Park actually offer free Wi-Fi too. It's located in Galloway, Ohio. It can be as low as $32 a night.  The only issue with this park is that you need an RV. I'm a poor college student, and the chances of you seeing my driving an RV around are very slim. It would probably be terrifying too.

Berkshire Lake Campground is located in Galena, Ohio. It's $38.50 per night for 2 adults.  There's an extra charge of $4 a person if you were to have extra people on the site. It doesn't say if it offers tent sites or not, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

If you are an outdoors person, this is certainly a great option for you.