Recently Albany became under fire from a radio executive in Portland. A VP of who cares, in a company you never heard of, said Albany and Q103 had  weak Free Beer and Hot Wings live broadcasts. Well I'm going to prove him wrong.

First let's look at the State of New York and the State of Maine. While only slightly larger (54,600 sq mi) than the state of Maine (35,400 sq mi), New York has a population of 19,600,000 3rd highest in the country. Maine only has 1,350,000 41st highest in the country. Conclusion most people would rather live in New York then Maine. When we think of what Maine has to offer the first thing that comes to mind is LL Bean. First no body opened up a LL Bean catalog and said "WOW! that's cool". New York on the other hand happens to be home to most of the major media, fashion and record companies in the U.S. Now let that a look at pro sport teams. Maine has... hmm lets just move on to the cities them self.

Portland is the largest city in Maine with a population of 66,400. Albany is not the largest city in New York but still has a population larger than Portland with 97,900. Portland bars closes between 1am-3am. Albany is 4:30am. Albany also has two major malls right next door to each other. We also have Valentines, Bogies and The Armory for music venues. And how many times has an Albany college been on the top 10 list of party schools?  Some of the people in Portland would rather drive to a live Free Beer and Hot Wings show in Albany instead of Portland.Thats the anvil that breaks Portland's back, but lets keep going.  At least when we say Albany the rest of the world assumes New York. When someone says Portland the rest of the world assumes Oregon. The Number one thing the separates us from anywhere else is the people of Albany. No body shows up in force ready to drink at anytime, day or night.