Apocalyptica uses guest vocalists on their tracks and have worked with some of today's best rock vocalists.  Brent Smith of Shinedown was recorded on the album for their latest single "Not Strong Enough" but is missing from the version heard on the radio.

If you have Apocalyptica's new album 7th Symphony you know that Shinedown's Brent Smith is the vocalist on the third track "Not Strong Enough".  If you don't have the album, you won't be hearing that version of the song.  Instead you will be hearing the voice of Hoobastank's Doug Robb.

Eicca Toppinen of Apocalyptica talked with The Pulse Of Radio about that exact thing.  When they were recording 7th Symphony they had no idea that Shinedown's Sound Of Madness would be as massive as it has been for the band.  They are still releasing tracks off the album, which won't allow Apocalyptica to release their single featuring Brent on vocals because it would be direct competition.  Toppinen said it all comes down to record company politics.  The record label said that they could release the song, but would have to remove Brent from the track.  So the guys went out and got Doug Robb to record the vocals and the rest is history.  I have heard both tracks and Brent's work on the album is good, but you don't lose anything without him on the track. Robb does an awesome job and if you want to hear his version check out the video below.  Fortunately the label has provided us here at Q103 with both versions of the song, so now we get to choose!