I have noticed that people around our great nation are ruining their food by adding massive amounts of ranch dressing to everything they eat.  This needs to stop.

If there is one thing is this world that makes me want to puke, it's ranch dressing.  The site of it, the smell of it and especially the taste of it makes me want to hurl.  Why does it seem like everywhere you go people are ruining good food with the white trash of salad dressings?  As I'm looking down the menu of a restaurant and something catches my eye I am usually met by disappointment when I learn that they have covered the burger, sandwich or salad with ranch.

The USA seems to be the ones obsessed with it.  People cover their veggies, sandwiches and anything else they can shove down their throats in it.  News flash people, ranch makes what you're eating not healthy.  I don't understand this obsession that our country has with this grossness.  There are plenty of other options out there, and we need to stop with the ranch dressing.

For as long as I can remember blue cheese goes with chicken wings, but now I see people dropping hot wings into ranch. What the hell?  I find it more socially acceptable to cover things in ketchup at this point.  I beg the people of this country, get off the ranch.