Dancing is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. It can be traced back to the earliest records, but why do we dance? This video from Cracked.com of a chick and a dude arguing over the reasons to why people dance in the past and present is pretty solid. Both sides are making pretty strong arguments to the nature of all dance but I think I have to side with the girl on this one. Sure when you are young and you hear music like Raffi’s “Banana Phone” you can’t help but to clap your hands and move your feet. However, once you hit puberty dancing becomes something much more meaning full. I remember going to middle school dances when I was 12 with one purpose, to try and rub my fully clothed crank on some girls. At age 12 and above Dance = sex.

Sure there are some girls who claim that they just love to dance but they are full of crap. Maybe the really like the music, but I’m certain they like the attention more. When the music hits people start acting like tropical birds, but instead of flashing their fancy bright colored feathers they dish out some flashy sexy dance moves. Dancing is just a good way to “rub up on somebody and figure out who you are going to go home with and bang later”. With this being said, people please never stop dancing. Especially if there is a pole involved.