Last night Rob Dawes told me that a press release came out saying that comedian Chris Tucker had cancelled his  his show at the Palace Theater in Albany.  The release said that it was cancelled due to "unforeseen circumstances", but now it looks like those circumstances may be they fact that he owes over $4 million to the bank for his Florida Mansion.

Last night Rob Dawes posted that the Chris Tucker show at the Palace for this Sunday was abruptly cancelled.  This morning I came across an article from the Baltimore Sun saying that yesterday it came out that Tucker owed an awful lot of money to the bank on his $6 million mansion in Florida.

The problem is that when you buy something, you have to pay for it.  Apparently someone forgot to explain that to Chris Tucker as he owes $4.4 million to Sun trust bank, according to the foreclosure papers.  The biggest kick for Tuckers is that his $6 million mansion has been assessed at a worth of just $1.6 million.  So even though they aren't saying it, I am willing to bet that this is the reason why he suddenly cancelled the tour.