Where there's a rockstar, there's a woman not too far behind that wants to have sex with him. It's a long standing thing with music, groupies. Sure most girls who have slept with a musician don't like to be called that but what else do you call someone who purposefully goes out of their way to hook-up with the guy they just saw on stage?

What makes a woman attracted to rockstars? Is it the fame? Is it the fact they can say they slept with 'so and so?' Does it have anything to do with their talent on stage? Science has the answer, surprisingly.

According to a new study, women in their most fertile phases are more attracted to males who make music. It's a sign of good genes. (And here we thought it's because most of the girls who sleep with musicians on a bit on the fluzie side.)

The study from University of Sussex surveyed over 1,500 women around the average age of 28. Qualifying women for the study needed to not be breastfeeding, pregnant or using hormonal contraception.

The women were played a simple melody than a more complex one. Afterwards they were asked who'd they prefer to have a long-term committed relationship and short-term sexual relationship with. The women preferred a short-term fling with the more complex composer when, according to the study, "the risk of conception is at it's highest."

Researchers believe this study to prove Charles Darwin's theory that music is made to aid sexual courtship.

The study's author Dr. Benjamin Charlton told Business Insider:

The ability to create complex music could be indicative of advanced cognitive abilities.

Consequently, women may acquire genetic benefits for offspring by selecting musicians able to create more complex music as sexual partners

Once again, and her we thought it was just become some women enjoy flings and one-night stands