I may be contradicting my self in this argument because my cats are indoor cats but leashes on cats are crazy!Today I was at the Starbucks on wolf road and I saw some dude sitting in his car with the door open holding a leash. At the end of his leash was a small orange cat. In my eyes this site was as equally adorable as it was insane. Why do people think it’s socially acceptable to put your cat on a leash and take it out for a walk? Cats are independent roaming animals that handle them self’s.

On the other side people may think I’m a hypocrite because I have indoor cats that I never let out side. But I know for a fact if my cats look out the window and see a guy walking their cat on a leash they would heckle the hell out of the cat through the screen and cry laughing at him. My message to the world is people, please stop putting leashes on your cat and, on a side note, don’t wear your snake as an accessory.