They have been talking about doing another Superman movie, one that would restart the franchise like 2005's Batman Begins.  It looks like they are finally moving forward now that they have cast British actor Henry Cavill as the man of steel.

It seems like Hollywood has finally figured out how to play to the "comic book nerd" when making superhero movies.  The reboot to the Batman franchise and Robert Downey Jr's two Iron Man films have been a breath of fresh air since having to see the piles of garbage that were Eric Bana's Hulk, Ben Afleck's Dare Devil and lets not forget Nick Cage in Ghostrider. Yuck. It looks like things are finally turning around and the man of steel is the next one to get a reboot.

300 and Watchmen director Zack Snyder has been given the Superman project so it will likely be a bit darker than the previous Superman films.  Now finally they have cast the role of Clark Kent/Superman and it goes to actor Henry Cavill.  I know nothing about this guy except that he's been on that hit TV show The Tudors.   Apparently he has been the studios choice since the beginning and even tried out for the role of Batman against Christian Bale.

As a big time lover of comics and all things nerdly, I really hope that they don't screw this up.  Superman may be the most beloved and recognized superhero in the world.  I think we deserve a good Superman movie for once.  Hopefully Cavill can pull it off.  If not, lets just bring in Doomsday now and have him crush any other Superman projects in the future.