It seems like everything these days is involving vampires of some sort.  I am here to ask the ultimate question: Which series has the hottest vamp girls?

So the hot thing in Hollywood these days is vampires.  They are everywhere!  TV, books and movies.  Every form of entertainment is full of them.  Fortunately for us, this involves using the talents of some very pretty ladies.  But now which on of these TV/movie series' brings us the hottest women to watch?

One show that my girlfriend and I got into over the summer was True Blood on HBO.  If you have never seen it, it's premise is that vampires can live among humans thanks to a new product called "Tru Blood".  It is full of action and monsters and is just really cool.  The women in it are pretty hot too.  Anna Paquin had never really impressed me before, but I only saw her as annoying Rogue from the X-Men movies.  In True Blood however she is the smoking hot Sookie Stackhouse.  Now she isn't a vamp, she is a psychic. She brings a certain sex appeal to the show though.  She is innocent and beautiful and only loves her vampire boyfriend Bill Compton.

Another hottie to rock  True Blood is actress Evan Rachel Wood. She plays the vampire Queen Sophie and she looks good doing so.  Is she a little weird in real life?  Yes, but I think it adds to her sexy vamp character.  Did I mention they have a ton of raunchy vampire sex on this show?  On HBO that equal a lot of boobies.

I have never read a Twilight book, and can guarantee that I never will.  I did see the first two movies, just to see how bad they were.  They are terrible.  Kristin Stewart is NOT good at anything, and no she does not appear in this blog for being hot, talented or alive. However the stunning Ashley Greene has caught my eye.  She plays Alice Cullen in the Twilight movies and has a certain sexiness about her.  It is off film though that i think she really shines.

It is awesome to see her walk down a red carpet.  As Alice she is pale with dark hair, but in real life watch out.  She is a certified bombshell!  Look at her at the MTV Video Music Awards.  To steal a line from Jim Carrey: Smokin'!  I would have to say she is right now the hottest girl to play a vampire on the big screen. I can't believe she was dating a Jonas Brother, key word being was.  She is back on the market now, so guys, if your into a freaky vampire girl she is currently available.

I think overall the show that will always have the hottest vampire chicks in it is Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the 90's.  Just to start things off you have Sarah Michelle Gellar who has always been hot.  Kicking vampire ass as "the chosen one", Gellar was always looking good.  I guess there is just something about a chick who could stake a vampire for you that is awesome.  For all you nerds out there, you had your hotness hunger filled by the nerdy Willow, played by Alyson Hannigan.  In the early episodes of the show I would never have put her in that category, but as the series went on Willow grew up and got hot.

Lets get to the woman who I think is the hottest woman be part of a vampire series.  I am talking about Buffy alum, Charisma Carpenter.  The best part about her is that she just continued to get hotter.  The photo on the side is from 1999 and look how good she looks there.  She still looks amazing to this day!

She grew famous on Buffy for playing the rich mean girl at Sunnydale High.  She quickly learned that nothing was what it seemed in the small California town, and joined up with the "Scooby Gang".  She fought beside them until she left to help out fellow Buffy character, Angel, in Los Angeles.

Buffy ended in 2003 and Angel came to an end in 2004.  During the last couple seasons of Angel Carpenter was pregnant.  So what did she do to make herself feel better? She posed for Playboy!  She said that she had just had a baby and wanted to let everyone know that she still had it going on.  Yes she did. Still does, for that matter. Her most recent role was in The Expendables with Sylvester Stallone.

So there it is.  There certainly are a lot of women out there doing the Vampire thing right now, and why not?  Strike while the iron is hot.  While the rest of America is in love with vampires falling in love with humans the rest of us who could careless about the boring plot lines can just sit back and enjoy all the eye candy.